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Haldiram's Bhindi Masala - 10oz (283g)

Excelent!   Dec 15, 2018

Spicy, delicious, great price. Great for vegetarians and non vegetarians.

The portion is a bit small for the American stomach so you'll likely need at least two.


Bar-B-Queue Flavored Corn Chips - 2 1/4 oz (6.73g)

Pretty good   Nov 21, 2018

These seem to have been discontinued by Utz. I think Frito s has a BBQ flavor that will due.

Points for the bag and for being hard to or impossible to buy now. But otherwise a 3.


Twinkies Ice Cream - 1.5 Qts (1.41l)

Excelent!   Sep 17, 2017

You need to get this now! It's basically (Twinkie) cake batter ice cream with pieces of Twinkies in it.

This should have been released years ago. Can't wait to try the others!


Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza - 16.5oz (1lb .5oz) 468g

OK   Sep 08, 2013

More dish than deep. For a 100% of the FDA's daily value of fat and saturated fat intake, I'd expect more pepperoni and cheese. This is all bread and no roni!

Overall it was not horrible, but hardly a deep dish.


Pure Coconut Water - 33.8 fl oz (1.06 QT) 1L

Pretty good   Sep 08, 2013

I love coconut water, but I can't give it 5 stars unless it's fresh out the coconut and fresh off the streets of São José dos Campos.

Nevertheless Trader Joe's continues to have the best prices in the coconut water game. I used to get Zico @ TJ's for $3.49 now this comes along for $2.49 (I think). Same size and just as good as all the other no sugar added versions.

Flavor is subtle but hey, that's how coconut water is supposed to taste!


Unique Pretzel Shells - 2 oz (57g)

Pretty good   Jul 07, 2013

Pretty good. Something all pretzel lovers should try, especially after a lifetime of eating solid pretzels. The hollowness gives it a interesting texture, somewhat reminiscent of pretzel chips.

Another nice snack food product from Pennsylvania. This company makes several products, can't wait to try them all.


Gluten Free Granola - Cranberry Maple Nut - 12oz (340g)

Excelent!   Dec 02, 2012

WARNING: Extremely addicting.

This is the best granola I've ever had. I urge you to Trader Joe's and buy this immediately. The only problem is the bag... it's too small.


Pizza Al Pollo Asado - 10oz (284g)

Pretty good   Dec 02, 2012

If you like corn meal this is a great gluten free pizza! The only problem is that the center can get a little soft/mushy, but this can be remedied by keeping it in the oven a little longer.

Since it's sprinkled with jalepenos it's spicy -maybe too spicy for most. You can easily remove them if necessary (like my wife does). You've been warned.


Organic Beef Jerky - Original - 3oz (85g)

Pretty good   Oct 13, 2012

Good jerky with quality ingredients at a great price!


Chili Pepper Sauce - 5 fl oz (148 ml)

Pretty good   Oct 13, 2012

A good sauce, but you have to pair it with the right food. It's thicker than Tabasco, Tapatio, etc... It may be too spicy for some, but overall it's rather mild.

While it's not Mexican it does go good with ground beef hard shell tacos. In general I'd recommend using it with dishes that contain ground beef.

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